Chandragiri Hills

They say, “Heaven is myth, Nepal is real”. If you want to see how heaven looks like, you must visit once. Nepal is rich in culture, custom & tradition. The natural beauty of Nepal is incredible. This is not enough! The glorious history of Bir Gurkhas adds gem on it. Among the various destinations one of the famous destination is Chandragiri hills.

When the golden rays of sun falls upon the dense and deep forest Chandragiri Hills stretches it’s arms to welcome the numbers of visitors above 2551 meters above the sea level ,who visit there to quench their thirst of natural and artistic beauty. Being a wonderful natural and historic place Chandragiri hills undoubtedly guided by modern technologies is wow on itself. Having beautiful hills where there lies the home of Bhaleswar Mahadev is a pilgrimage for devotees. Chandragiri Hills with their slogan “Where wishes come true” is not a myth but real. Most of the visitors do believe that the wishes comes true whether it is of adventure or belief. You can never take off your eyes from the heart leaping beauty. Be it’s small child running care freely or the old people with the wrinkles of joy in their face Chandragiri Hills adds a little more to their happiness.

The history of Chandragiri is important as it’s natural beauty. The eyes of Late King Prithvi Narayan Shah would not have dreamt of Greater Nepal if he wouldn’t have seen the eye soothing view of Kathmandu, Patan & Bhaktapur therefore, Chandragiri Hills can be known as the place where the plan of Greater Nepal hatched.

There are different ways to reach Chandragiri Hills with different means of transportation like; Bus, Taxi, Private vehicle, Motor bikes etc. Free Chandragiri Hills shuttle bus also operates from different Bhatbhateni Supermarket locations in Kathmandu. Chandragiri Hills is seven kilometers from Kalanki, which lies on the South-west of Kathmandu Valley. The single direction length of the link vehicle excursion is around 2.5km. You begin from Godam, Thankot, and navigate through a beautiful perspective on the lavish green wild that leads you to the highest point of Chandragiri Hills.

To Chandragiri from :

Kalanki: 7:00 am
Balaju: 8:30 am
Maharajgunj: 9:15 am
Koteshwor: 10:00 am
Kalanki: 11:15 am *Travel timings may vary depending on traffic condition

From Chandragiri to:

Kalanki : 5:30 pm *Travel timings may vary depending on traffic condition

Image Gallery ( I captured them while I visited)

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